Monday, August 25, 2008

Tentative course schedule

This week-by-week course schedule is tentative. It is likely to evolve as we progress through the semester. In particular, we will probably move up the material on JavaScript and cover additional client-side technologies toward the end of the semester. We may also study some concurrency concepts.

Week 1
  • Introduction and overview
  • Motivation: rich internet applications (RIA), web 2.0
  • Overview of Dynamic HTML (DHTML) = XHTML + CSS + DOM + JavaScript
  • Course software
  • Projects
  • References
Week 2
  • Overview of content markup languages: XML, XHTML, WML, VoiceXML
  • Main XHTML content elements
  • Separation of content from styles: CSS
Week 3
  • XHTML content and the Domain Object Model (DOM)
  • Prompting users for input: forms
Week 4
  • Client-side executable content: Java applets, Active X, JavaScript, Flash
  • Event model: DOM elements as event sources, JavaScript functions as event listeners
  • Dynamic HTML (DHTML) = XHTML + CSS + DOM + JavaScript
Week 5
  • Event model (cont.)
  • Selenium IDE for automated in-browser system testing
Week 6
  • Event model: using links as event sources
  • DHTML summary
  • Content syndication
  • AJAX overview
Week 7
  • JavaScript object and event models
Week 8
  • JavaScript object model
Week 9
  • JavaScript object model
Week 10
  • Review of IE6 issues
  • Dojo JavaScript toolkit: intro (PDF)
  • Dojo model-view-controller architecture: tutorial
Week 11
  • Recap of Dojo MVC architecture
  • AJAX and the Dojo bind method (now in DojoAjax example)
  • Overview of remix/mashup architectures
  • JSON (JavaScript object notation)
Week 12
Week 13
  • Guest lecture on Google Web Toolkit (GWT)

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Unknown said...

It seems that the links to the Dojo content references very old versions of the toolkit. If you send me mail, I'll be happy to put you in touch with folks who can help get you updated resources for your class.