Monday, August 25, 2008

Project 0

Due Date: Friday, 29 August


Familiarity with

  • Course mailing list
  • Linux account
  • Existing Apache web server
  • Personal folder for public web pages


Your job is as follows:

  1. Subscribe to the mailing list for this course. Be sure to review any prior messages on the list. Very importantly, if the name under which you have registered for this course is not apparent from your email address, be sure to include your real name in your subscription request.
  2. Make sure your Linux account works. Otherwise email the lab manager (with a copy to me).
  3. Log in to your Linux account and create a folder called public_html in your home folder. Make sure your home folder and the public_html folder are readable only by you but executable by anyone. Use the chmod command if necessary:
    chmod 711 ~
    chmod 711 ~/public_html
  4. Make up any secret string (consisting of any combination of at least seven letters, numbers, dashes, or underscores). This string will become a secret between you and myself and must not be shared with anyone else. As a subfolder of your public_html folder, create a folder whose name is equal to that secret string, and as a subfolder thereof, create a folder called 424. We will now refer to this folder as your course folder. (In case the secret string ever gets compromised, immediately make up a new one, rename the corresponding folder, and inform me.)
  5. Using a web browser, view your course folder at its public location (URI):


To submit this project, please send me email with the URI of your course folder.

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