Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Project 6

Due Date: Sunday, 28 March (topic selection)

Sunday, 4 April (brief outline)

Wednesday, 21 April (presentation)

Group project


In this project, you will have the opportunity briefly to investigate a topic of interest in the area of client-side web development.

Given the remaining time of the semester and the length of each presentation, you are not expected to conduct an exhaustive study of your topic. The purpose of this project is for you to find and present some starting points for using a particular technology or discuss the utility of some general approach. Please consult with me if you have any questions.


This project consists of the following deliverables:
  • Topic selection (two or three choices in order of preference) due Sunday, 28 March.
  • Brief outline of your presentation due Sunday, 4 April.
  • In-class "lightning talk" (very brief presentation)  of your findings (8 minutes, followed by up to 2 minutes of questions) held on Wednesday, 21 April.
  • Where appropriate, presentations should address "who/what/when/why/how" questions, discuss the significance and availability of the technology, and how it relates to competing technologies.
  • Accompanying materials, such as electronic copies of your visual presentation, code examples, etc.
Groups are required to involve all members in the presentation. For example, each group member could present a separate part of the findings.

Possible topics

Here are some possible topics:
You are encouraged to propose other topics, subject to instructor approval.


Each team is to make exactly one submission. Any written materials should be submitted either  to Blackboard or Google Docs.

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