Monday, September 22, 2008

Project 3c

Due Date: Friday, 10 October

Individual Project


Familiarity with

  • automated testing
  • test-driven development (TDD)
  • client-based testing
  • Selenium IDE


In this project, you will add client-based testing to your prototype from project 3b. Use the Selenium testing IDE to develop test cases that cover the various scenarios listed again below.

All nonfunctional requirements from the previous projects 3a and 3b still apply.


Total: 10 points

  • 2 - nonfunctional requirements
  • 1 - Member authenticates
  • 2 - Member records a meal
  • 2 - Member records an exercise activity
  • 2 - Member records vital signs
  • 1 - Member calculates average food energy


Please send the instructor email as soon as your project is ready to be reviewed. The date your message is received counts as the submission date. Be sure to include your departmental Linux ID in your email message.

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