Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Project 1b

Due Date: Wednesday, 14 February


Familiarity with

  • Separation of concerns between content and visual styles
  • divs, tables and layers
  • Forms
  • CSS


In this project, you will put together a small static prototype for a couple of scenarios from these requirements for a simple web-based application. Specifically, your prototype should represent the following scenarios:

  • Guest sends file
  • User authenticates, then sends file, then views list of notes sent

The visual design requirements for this static prototype is as follows:

  • All pages must have the same, consistent layout
  • All pages must have the same, consistent text styles, using some cool fonts and colors other than the default
  • Use divs to divide each page into (common) navigation and (page-specific) content
  • Use layers to place a cool logo somewhere (consistent) on each page
  • Use forms wherever the user needs to be prompted to submit some information

The static prototype of the system, by its nature, ignores any attempts to change the data in the system. It does not perform email notification either.

Your system must also satisfy the nonfunctional requirements stated below. It is recommended to use Kompozer to author the XHTML documents and CSS style sheets for this static version; you can then browse the documents locally or remotely using a web browser.

Nonfunctional Requirements

  • All content must be valid XHTML 1.1 documents. You are advised to use a validating editor or the W3C Validation Service to ensure that your content is valid. For convenience, you may want to place a link on each document that runs the validation service on this document. Your document should state the correct document type at the top.
  • All rendering styles must be provided using a single shared valid CSS2 style sheet. There must not be any rendering styles in the documents themselves. You are advised to use a validating editor or the W3C CSS Validation Service to verify that your style sheet is valid.


Total: 10 points
  • 1 - valid XHTML 1.1
  • 1 - external CSS, no style attributes in content documents
  • 1 - correct use of divs and tables
  • 1 - overall visual design
  • 1 - consistent layout and navigation
  • 2 - scenario: guest sends file
  • 3 - scenario: member logs in, sends file, views notes


Please send the instructor email as soon as your project is ready to be reviewed. The date your message is received counts as the submission date. Be sure to include your departmental Linux ID in your email message.

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